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  1. I.On-Location Workshops / Cultural Exchanges

            A.    Seattle Chinese GardenFor All Visual Artists, Sept 30 + Oct 2, 16

                    shoot, share; learn about framing, pricing; be part of a juried mixed-media exhibit

            B.    Willamette Valley, Oregon:  Savoring the Harvest, Oct 6-9

                    shoot, share, and discuss how to use, sell & license what you shoot; for all visual artists

            C.    China Photographers’ Exchange, Sept 9-20

                    Beijing, Hangzhou, Suzhou, Shanghai; network, show work, shoot; sponsored by China Workers’

                    Center for International Exchange

            D.    Photography Plein Air - 4th Annual, July 21-24

                    shoot, share, learn about framing and pricing; be part of a juried exhibit

  1. II.Workshops / Classes / Demos

            A.    Shoot to Show / Photography Plein Air

                    shoot an assignment, be part of a juried exhibit

            B.    Turn Your Art Into Cards - Cash

                    manufacture, price, distribute, promote; selling and licensing partners; for all visual artists

            C.    Exhibit Your Art / The Business of FIne Art

                    find venues, set terms; price, promote, hang; for all visual artists

            D.    Focus on Composition

                    the rules - and when to break them; shoot assignments, share the results

            E.    Get More Out of Your Point and Shoot / Beyond Automatic

                    go beyond automatic; settings & composition; share the results

            F.    Digital Photography for Teens Only

                    go beyond automatic; settings & composition, shoot to share - for teens only

            G.    Make More of a Business of Your Art

                    key steps to making more of your art business, part- or full-time, for all visual artists

            H.    Artist + Non-Profits = Opportunities (for Both!)

                    advance non-profits, local, regional or national, and advance your career

            I.     Price Your Art

                    what to charge for your art is one of the greatest mysteries of creating fine art and retail products

            J.    Create Artist Reference Photographs

                    for non-photographer visual artists who create photographs to render in another medium

            K.    Market Your Art

                    it all starts with identifying your audience & implementing a doable strategy to reach them

            L.    License Your Art / The Business of Stock Photography

                    license usage rights to your art, directly and through stock visual-content agencies

            M.    Work with Magazines and Newspapers

                    periodicals are ideal ways to enter the marketplace; learn how to get started

            N.    Publish a Book of Your Own Art

                    explore the many options for creating a book; what to include - and what not to

            O.    The Art and Craft of Photography

                    how to craft an image; camera settings, composition; shoot assignments, share the results

            P.    The Art & Craft of Travel Photography

                    before, during, after the trip; what to pack, what not to; subjects, themes; composition; share work

Fall / Winter 2011