On-Location Workshops / Cultural Exchanges

shoot a location at the best time of year; learn how to do more with the results through shows, products, and licensing

  1. A.   WILLAMETTE VALLEY, OREGON - SAVOR THE HARVEST, October 6, Wednesday 6pm - October 9, Sunday noon

Shoot the vineyards that turn the hills of Dundee into undulating waves, with special access to the most scenic vineyards and the harvest at the best light, and wine making.  Go even further to explore how to sell what you shoot. For all visual artists from photographers, aspiring amateurs or emerging pros, to painters and print makers, shooting artists reference images to render later in their own medium.

PACIFIC NORTHWEST ART SCHOOL, tuition $365 + room/board

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B.   CHINA PHOTOGRAPHY EXCHANGE, September 9, Friday - September 20, Tuesday, with Nancy Wing

Unlike any other photography program to China, network with Chinese photography professionals, explore business opportunities and show your work; photograph icons, gardens and street scenes with unparalleled access.  For aspiring amateur and emerging professional photographers.

CHINA WORKERS CENTER FOR INTERNATIONAL EXCHANGE + WTE, INC, $4699 double, $5299 single, + airfare

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Individual tutorials & consultations plus custom classes for small groups available on this topic and more.  Inquire at raypfortner@gmail.com


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